TWO Different RhAT Tool Sets

Both sets of RhATs include 5 Stainless Steel precision machined tools. Each tool is manufactured to specific tolerances. They are identified as -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2. The tool marked as 0 should provide an adjustment that is very close to the mean (middle) of the recommended tolerances for the majority of the Embroidery Machine manufactures. It provide for a clearance of about 2mm (.008").  The -2 tool provides less clearance, only about 1mm (.004”) and the +2 provides more clearance, about 3mm (.011”).  The five tools cover the minimum to maximum range recommended by most manufactures.

The Original RhAT tool is designed for machines that either have a mechnical or electronic means to disconnect the needle bar from the main shaft. They are the easist tool to use if your main shaft can be rotated to the correct setting position without the needle bar descending and if the needle bar can then be pulled down. Many of the SMW and Tajima embroidery machines have a mechanical lever called a "Needle Bar Suspension Lever" and the Original RhAT tool set is the easiest to use on these machines. Some single head Tajimas and Toyota machines without a lever may still be able to use the ORIGINAL, as can some machines from other manufacturers. See the instructions under Tajima Users.

If your machine's needle bar cannot be disconnected from the main shaft, the RhAT II Universal can be probably be used on your machine. Their use is a little more involved, but they are still simple to use if you follow the directions supplied with the tools. To use the the Universal Rhat II tools, the tool is lowered and raised in the needle bar.

Both tool sets come in a fitted hard wood case. Included with the original RhAT tool set is a small spring clip for holding down the Needle Bar (see the PDF file under "Using the ORIGINAL RhAT" on the Using the RhAT page) or watch the You Tube Video.

A small wrench is included in the RhAT II set for alignment of the tool (see the PDF file under "Using the RhAT II Tool SET" on the Using the RhAT page) or watch the You Tube Video for the RhAT II.

Both sets also contain a cylindrical magnet that allow you to quickly check your needles to verify that they are inserted correctly.

Please review the "RhAT Warnings" before placing an order.

RhAT Tool Sets are MADE in the USA

Original RhAT Tools


Original RhAT Tool Set


Universal RhAT II Tool Set